A downloadable game for macOS

(Note to judges: No need to judge this game, even though it's complete.)

Hark! This is a prototype of using the Vale programming language to make a roguelike game.

The game clocked in at 6,000 lines, and uses the full spectrum of Vale features, including generics, polymorphic lambdas, and generational references!

The game itself is a bare-bones roguelike; to kill an enemy, click on them while you are standing next to them, and to win, travel around the map and kill all the goblins. Careful, if you get hit three times, you die!

Source is in three repositories:


ValeRLPrototype Mac 1.1.0 (with Post-7DRL fixes) 36 MB
ValeRLPrototype Mac 1.0.0 (Initial 7DRL Release) 36 MB

Install instructions

To run, run the command: ./GameCore src src 

then double-click Domino. GameCore is a game server, which will open up a port on localhost:8000. Domino then talks to it via HTTP to send user commands and receive view updates.

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