A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Evil spirits have shattered the forest, and are turning plants into dangerous monsters!

You, the local pyromancer, have been dispatched to find the root cause of this chaos.

Hint: Pick up the Blaze Rod at the start with the 'E' key!


  • Click: Move to location
  • Click again: Cancel movement
  • D: Defend
  • E: Pick up / Interact
  • B: Blaze, sets a tile on fire for a few turns. (Requires Blaze Rod)
  • X: Set Explosion, causes an area to explode after a few turns. (Requires Explosion Staff)
  • Arrow keys and [ and ]: Move camera

Goal: Destroy all the Viviants, the purple tree creatures.

Good luck!

Post-7DRL fixes:

  • Fixed explosion staff not firing
  • Fixed how a double-moving enemy would stall the rest of their animations
  • Optimized pathfinding cache calculations
  • Fixed bug where it wouldnt restart on win/loss
  • Made it cancel pathing when hit
  • Made grass show up again
  • Fixed how some enemies would leap over the player
  • Fixed fire prism display inconsistency
  • Fixed not needing staff to cast spells
  • Fixed how we could leap over higher ground
  • Fixed multiple-use location crash
  • Fixed spell icons


ShatteredForest 1.3 (Windows) 24 MB
ShatteredForest 1.3 (Mac) 25 MB
ShatteredForest 1.3 (Linux) 28 MB
Shattered Forest 1.0 (Mac) (Initial 7DRL Submission) 25 MB


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This game is absolutely beautiful - and Great Viviarch is one hell of a boss!

Thanks for submitting your game!